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January 2016

Writing Zvezda: My Writing Playlist

As I write Zvezda, I find myself listening to the same 5-10 songs. I will link the song titles to YouTube videos. Continue reading “Writing Zvezda: My Writing Playlist”


Writing Zvezda: Series?

I have decided to go along with the probability that Zvezda will be the start of a series. Continue reading “Writing Zvezda: Series?”

Writing Zvezda: Paperback Sizes

It seems that I’ve got a lot to think about when it comes to the paperback. Continue reading “Writing Zvezda: Paperback Sizes”

Writing Zvezda: Fun Behind the Scenes

The other day I was able to share my writing enthusiasm with my SISTER. Continue reading “Writing Zvezda: Fun Behind the Scenes”

Writing Plans: Zvezda

With all that I’ve done to make this novel happen, I have come to the conclusion that my publishing plans will be very certain. My initial plan has been to only publish one of my novels to help my sister when she is ready. I was going to have Pictures of You ready for the occasion, but now I’m far too excited! Continue reading “Writing Plans: Zvezda”

Writing Streak – Title Change?

As I work diligently on my new novel, Virtuous Maiden, I am finding myself so into it that I have managed to write a prologue and three chapters! And not just that! I wrote 3000+ words each time I sat down to write! I believe I can safely say that I will have this novel finished by the summer, if time permits. Continue reading “Writing Streak – Title Change?”

Character Molding

One of the things I tend to do A LOT when writing is not work on my characters beforehand. Most people recommend it when creating an outline (something else I never do). I think one of my personal reasons for avoiding this is because I was never really good at it while growing up. Continue reading “Character Molding”

Fairy-Tale Re-Telling

I have recently been working to get this particular story written. Continue reading “Fairy-Tale Re-Telling”

Christian Fantasy

I have a fantasy story that needs serious revision. I believe that is the reason why I stopped writing it. Interested in helping me out? Click on the cover below. Continue reading “Christian Fantasy”

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