I have a fantasy story that needs serious revision. I believe that is the reason why I stopped writing it. Interested in helping me out? Click on the cover below.

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"Evil, it is all around you. There are times that you can see it. Other times you are just blind."

Isabella Maraschino is the daughter of Martin Maraschino, the leader of the Aztec tribe. As the future leader of the tribe, Isabella must complete her training and learn how to be a great leader. She must learn the ancient arts of archery, swordsmanship, hunting, and mortal combat.  Shortly before Isabella is to be 'graduated', a massive earthquake takes place, causing her to be separated from her tribe. As she tries to make her way back to her home, Isabella is confronted by a stranger who lives in a hidden valley of the forest. The stranger happens to be a Christian missionary with a special message for Isabella. 

Isabella has a mission, a mission commanded by the One and only True God of all the earth: Destroy all evil that lurks is the shadows.  She must go against all she has been taught about who God is, against her family, and against her people. And above all, she must resist the Devil and not accept herself to fail. 

But Isabella is not alone.
Official Cover Art: Image used - "Reflection" by Akreon - DeviantArt (I will be speaking to the artist about using the image in the published cover.)

This story can be found on Wattpad.com as well as Write-On (by Kindle).(The cover is linked to Wattpad.) The reason I categorized it fantasy is because I wanted to try and incorporate those elements of the Spiritual realm, such as the of Angels and other Spiritual content. Be warned, that if you go read the story, I wrote it when I was much younger and my writing skills were not the best. Not the way my writing is now. So, be gentle, LOL. You can leave me feedback here in the comments, or if you have accounts on any of the places where I have the story posted you can comment there. I love reading comments.