I have recently been working to get this particular story written. I had promised myself I would finish my Contemporary novel (Pictures of You) before moving to this new book. I believe my push in this direction comes from loving books like this. Melanie Dickerson is definitely an inspiration in this area, since she has written so many re-tellings of beloved fairy-tales, and they all reflect the Bible in one way or another. Jenni James is also an inspiration, because she writes the fairy-tales as though they are her own work, and they are clean. Beautiful tales that I enjoy.

With this in mind, and for my love for Cinderella, I began to put together an outline. I don’t do outlines, but this time it was necessary. I was hoping to get the idea on paper so that it would not be forgotten. Instead of leaving it aside for later, I have two parts written! I have not posted them anywhere yet; however, I do have the description posted.

Virtuous Maiden - pseudonym.pngEstella is the eldest of her brother and stepsisters. She does not seek personal gain, nor does she look down on others.She loses her mother, more than once, as well as her father. 

Daniil is of Russian monarchy, though he would much rather be in the stables riding his horses, Zvezda. He must learn the ways of a king, should his elder brother refuse the crown. 

When the prince is to choose a bride, his father grants him permission to seek amongst the young maidens of the Marsharin household. He seeks a maiden of virtue; he seeks a maiden who resembles that of the Bible.
Christian, Historical fiction - Russian re-telling of Cinderella. (Write-On)