qi6zaolHello there! For those of you who know me, welcome! For those of you who do not know me, you are also welcome, and I shall introduce myself. 🙂

Hadassah here; I am an aspiring author. I write Christian, contemporary, young adult stories. I am not published yet, but I aim to change that, God willing, and soon. Oh, and Hadassah is only one of the names my family calls me. But Harper is just a pen-last name. But more that after I publish my experiment. (Because I am thinking which pseudonym I prefer best, because I have a few I like.)

Now, I realize that it is pretty nutty of me to have so many branches (blogs all over the net), but I am trying to see which one I like best, which one I prefer customizing more, and which one fits what I do best. So far I have preferred Blogger, but that is probably because I have used it the most.

I am a major asset to my sister. I know things that she is trying to learn. If you have been directed here from my original blog, you will know that i am studying self-publishing. My sister is going to be self-publishing, which is why I am learning it.

Want to follow my journey? You can pretty much find me all over the place, posting about this. 😉


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