As I work diligently on my new novel, Virtuous Maiden, I am finding myself so into it that I have managed to write a prologue and three chapters! And not just that! I wrote 3000+ words each time I sat down to write! I believe I can safely say that I will have this novel finished by the summer, if time permits.

Writing this re-telling is so much fun! I mean, I am really in my comfort zone with this novel. I say that about most of my novels when I am on a roll . . . But I am dead serious this time. Christian Historical, Fairytale, this is my jam!

I am loving how the story is coming out, and it seems that all the tips I have been getting from other authors are subtly seeping into my work. Now . . . I came to the conclusion that I want a title change for this novel. Because I felt this way, I goofed around and came to a new title.

The title is in Russian, which definitely brings the Russian aspect to a new level. I figured that it fit better, seeing the Cinderella character’s name is Estella (which means star) and the prince’s horses is the Russian translation of Star. Therefore, my new title is Zvezda.

Zvezda: A Russian Cinderella Story – This is not going to fall into the Cinderella box we are all used to seeing. I mean, the original storyline hangs in the air . . . But not really. I have completely brought in my own version of the story. My own twist to a tale everyone is fond of. And believe me when I tell you that it will stick to your brain.

It’s going to be epic . . . So EPIC, that I have big plans for paperback! But more on that next time. 😉