With all that I’ve done to make this novel happen, I have come to the conclusion that my publishing plans will be very certain. My initial plan has been to only publish one of my novels to help my sister when she is ready. I was going to have Pictures of You ready for the occasion, but now I’m far too excited!

I did have everything planned out for Pictures of You (cover design, blurb, etc.). I was going to self-publish the novel (if Entangled rejected, because I was going to give them a try). However, my head is so involved with Zvezda that I don’t know if I can work on Pictures of You.

Although I still need to have some money, Zvezda is going to undertake the usual book promotions. Such as blitzes, the tour, maybe even an official cover reveal (since I’ve changed the cover as well, buahahaha!).

I might do the cover reveal myself, because as mentioned above, I need money to get a coordinator. I really need money for everything that involves a coordinator. 😮 *GASP* All the better to try and do it myself. I can make a form and have everything prepared for blog stops . . . I think.zvezda

Look at this beauty! Yes, I have spent a good deal of time in making it look paperback ready. I did not get this far with Pictures of You.
I even spent half an hour trying to  get that image perfectly aligned. I made the logo, because I was going to go with like a family crest thing, but it ended up being the perfect chapter header-image. I want it to have some sort of flare to it, and I feel that adding this little touch did the job.

I mentioned above that I might do an official cover reveal. NO ONE has seen the cover I have in mind, though I did show a fellow writing friend who helped me make my final decision on the design. And the best part is that I used tradition MS Word fonts and non-copyrighted images. Those are a bit hard to find, but all the same it’s awesome.

I think I will make this my official author’s website. My published works will be here, and when they are on Amazon (or wherever) I will add the purchase links. Which there will be, because I would love to have the book in my hands too!