The other day I was able to share my writing enthusiasm with my SISTER. I showed her my Pinterest board with the images that I was using for inspiration, I spatted out several Russian phrases (fluently) which causes the white of her eyes to show. It was awesome to get to share it with her that way. I mean, I have shared my writing with her before but not like this.

My enthusiasm for writing has never been this high. Saturday was my “day off” you can say. But that did not stop me from having an inspiration spurt. Only this time, I was able to catch it and save it for today. I was able to finish my outline, since I do intend to stick to this outline, at least 75%. I have added several new points to the plot, but I utilize my original ideas as a major guide to follow. I am keeping it to the outline because I want to stick with my guns.

A few details that I would like to share with you about this novel are the following:
Zvezda is the kind of novel I hope everyone can enjoy, so I am keeping it as clean as possible, but I do have some subliminal details that sneak their way in for the more mature crowd. I do want every kind of reader to like this novel.

I’ve mentioned what inspired this novel on my main blog. But for those of you who do not follow that blog, Zvezda was inspired by certain Scriptures in the Bible. I was also inspired by two of my favorite authors who write fairytale re-tellings. Melanie Dickerson (author of the Hagenheim series)  and Jenni James (author of the Jane Austen Diaries and Faerytale Collection). I love that these authors write such amazing CLEAN stories. They are what I have always aspired to be. I own one book from each author, but it was enough to spark my interest for their work.

Zvezda is set in medieval Russia. I did bounce around history a little bit before settling in the 1500s. I have not gone as far as location just yet. I do intent to try and add that detail once I have come a decision, but for now I do not make mention of locations. The main places mentioned are wherever the main characters are in that scene.

Right from the start, the novel will have a mix of dark and light scenarios. For one, in the Cinderella story, we know that she loses both her parents, becomes a servant to her stepmother and stepsisters, etc. But in my version of the story, Estella gains and loses several mother figures, and then later loses her father. Instead of Estella being an only child, her birth mother dies in childbirth. (I live in a BIG family, so hence my reason for so many siblings.)

The prince in this version would typically be a cliché, but never has such a prince been written by me. I made the two main characters friends from the start, because I want readers to fall in love with their respect for each other, with their friendship. I feel that friendship-to-relationship types are the way to go, because that I my personal preference. I’ve always loved the concept of friends becoming lovers.

As mentioned above, I have a Pinterest board where I have been saving so many pins that concern this novel. I even have some sneak peeks at the novel in some of the descriptions. If you would like to try and find them CLICK HERE.

That is all for now. I’ve several things I need to work on in Zvezda today.