It seems that I’ve got a lot to think about when it comes to the paperback. I’ve a stack of books that I constantly compare, hoping to see which size I prefer most. The most popular print size on CreateSpace is the 6″x9″ paperback. I did originally want to go with the 6×9 size, but then some books arrived in my hands. They are the popular 6×9, and I am not so sure that I like that size anymore. It works well for the books that I was reading, but for Zvezda . . . There is a possibility of my novel not coming to that many pages, if I were to choose the standard 6×9.

My SISTER and I can both agree that we prefer a smaller size. She thinks she will go with an 5.5×8.5, which is a decent size paperback. The thing is, I want my novel to have something of a spine, and I know that the page count comes simultaneously with the paperback size.  Right now, as I write and format my manuscript (as I go along), with it at a testing size of 5.5×8.5, the total page-count it around 72. Of course, I am only six chapters into writing Zvezda.

It is a decent size, I must say. My only glitch is that I am worried that the novel won’t be any longer than around 15-20 chapters. (A personal average.) Scarred Hearts, once it has undertaken the necessary edits and changes, falls into the 30’s region. I have not idea how that happened, but it did. (Thanks to HarlequinPub’s partner contest with Wattpad, I managed to complete the novel before the deadline. Meeting the needed word-count.)

I have not written much in the last couple of days, though last night I did manage to get some writing time in. Presently, I am able to write a little over a chapter and a half, per day. That’s above my average. In word-count, it comes to around . . . 3-5,000 words a day. If I keep this up, I may, possibly and hopefully, finish Zvezda by the summer. I do not plan to drop the idea, or lose interest. I am writing with a topic that I enjoy, very much.

This morning, I pulled out my copy of Jenni James’ book, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, and realized that I might end up with a paperback around that size. Pocket-size. >.< I don’t know that I want the novel to be that small. Melanie Dickerson’s books are a little bigger than the 5.5×8.5, but they are smaller than the 6×9. I look at her books and can see my novel being around that size. But that would mean writing around 80-100k words. 😮 *Gasps*

Can I do it? Yes, I can write that many words when I put my mind to it. Would I get it finished by the summer? That will be the question of the decade. It has taken my sister (website linked above) around 5 years to write her memoir. Which is around . . . I actually don’t know her word-count, nor page-count.

Back to the original thought. I do not prefer the pocket-size paperback. I’ve gone to the extent of testing the 6×9 and the 5.5×8.5 sizes with what portion of my novel I already have written (*clears throat* and edited). I like how the 5.5×8.5 looks right now. If I can write a good many more chapters and get the word-count to be around 90k, that will be a good balance.