I have decided to go along with the probability that Zvezda will be the start of a series. I think it is plausible, but I do not want to put my mind on it. If I do put my mind on it, everything I have worked for on Zvezda will drop down the drain. I know my patterns. It has happened before. But I do NOT want that to happen this time around.

I have completed my new cover art for Zvezda. I made a PDF ready cover, but I also have the front, the back and something for the spine, saved, in case the cover does not look good. CreateSpace has a template that I used, and they also have an online cover creator with a template for what I have in mind.

Of course, all these efforts are by faith. I still do not have the means to pay for this procession. However, that will soon change. I’ve got some things lined up. I am not going to reveal my final cover until I am certain that I will be publishing this novel. Its possibly going to be short. But I still aim for the 90k words.

So far, my chapters are around 2,500 words, each. I’m not counting as I go. I am just writing, and when I feel the chapter is finished, I stop. I know the chapters have this range of word-count because I got curious yesterday. So, its working out.

I have settled on the 5.5 x 8.5 paperback size. For now. Because I want to see how long the novel will be. The thickness of the novel will depend on the final page-count. I estimate that number should be within the 250-300 area. I would know this because Scarred Hearts is withing this range.

Zvezda is going to be awesome. I sent an excerpt to a reader who has similar tastes. This friend likes what I have going. I am also going to get another pair of eyes to look it over. Hopefully, they will help me, if I need any further commentary.

I feel that once I have finished the novel, I will start a second draft. I’ve already edited most of the chapters I have written. So, perhaps the next “draft” would be the final draft.