As I write Zvezda, I find myself listening to the same 5-10 songs. I will link the song titles to YouTube videos.

We can thank J.D. Wright (author of Adult Fantasy series, Everealm) for getting me hooked with the first song on my list.

1) Little Mix: Secret Love Song (ft. Jason Derulo) – I like both versions of this song, but there is something about a duet-like song that always captivates me, even when I am writing. I get lost and some of the best scenes are written when I hear it.

2) The Script: Army of Angels – The Script is a favorite in my house amongst me and my siblings. Thanks to a friend who got us hooked when he started coming to hang around. Army of Angels is just . . . I can’t find the words to bring my thought to life. It just describes a particular scene that I plan on writing later in the novel.

3) Nathan Sykes: Over and Over Again (ft. Ariana Grande) – I have been listening to the version with just Nathan, but today I found this version with Ari and fell in love! Again, there is nothing quite like a duet. *SIGHS*

4) Infinity (One Direction) Kurt Hugo Schneider and The Overtunes Cover – I’m a Directioner, but when it comes to Kurt Hugo Schneider, I always end up loving his covers better than the original song.

5) Fifth Harmony: Brave, Honest Beautiful (ft. Meghan Trainor) – We can thank my 15 yr. old brother for getting me hooked on their album. He was asking for a particular song (because he was choreographing a dance) and for good measure, I downloaded the entire album. I don’t know how, but it gets me in the mood to write.

6) One Direction: Fool’s Gold – The rhythm of this song has helped me to imagine the prince’s perspective, because he will express his affections to Estella.

7) How to Train Your Dragon (Soundtrack[s]) – When you are writing a plot that involves a Historical-theme, there is nothing better than an instrumental soundtrack to listen to while you write. I have been listening to both soundtracks. However, I had to move the second soundtrack to a separate device because my laptop space was crashing and I needed that space.

Well, that is my playlist; I know there are more, but I cannot think at the moment. I’m going back to my writing.