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February 2016

Writing: General Update

Hello there! Interested in knowing what this crazy author is up to? Here’s the scoop! Continue reading “Writing: General Update”


Writing: A Secret Project

Okay, maybe this is not so much a secret, because I have made mention of it before on my other blog (CLICK HERE TO VISIT, but I will not tell you how to find it.). Continue reading “Writing: A Secret Project”

Writing Tsvetok: Roza, the Flower Girl

Tsvetok: Sleeping Beauty re-telling.  Continue reading “Writing Tsvetok: Roza, the Flower Girl”

Writing Hearts of Gold: Filling in the Gaps

Hearts of Gold is the novel that the protagonist has written in Seeking Shelter. 
Continue reading “Writing Hearts of Gold: Filling in the Gaps”

Hadassah Books: Site Changes and Updates

Little by little, I am changing things around on this site. Since I intend to use this site as my author website, in the near future, I am making the following changes and updates.  Continue reading “Hadassah Books: Site Changes and Updates”

Writing Seeking Shelter: Linking the characters.

Seeking Shelter 1Seeking Shelter is going to surge into the Hearts of Gold novels. Continue reading “Writing Seeking Shelter: Linking the characters.”

Writing: Novels and Series

I have finally come to a solution. I have finally come up with series titles for the fairy-tale re-tellings and the companion novels (though I may have already shared that recently).  Continue reading “Writing: Novels and Series”

Writing Zvezda: Introducing Filler-Characters

In one of my chapters, I have to bring in some new characters, to fill-in for a character or two, who will go missing. Continue reading “Writing Zvezda: Introducing Filler-Characters”

Writing: The Companion Novels – Choosing Titles and Other Ramblings

My last post about these companion novels, I mentioned my plan to find out from my Wattpad readers which one to write next . . . Continue reading “Writing: The Companion Novels – Choosing Titles and Other Ramblings”

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