I pulled out Pictures of You. I have not worked on this novel in . . . since before Thanksgiving. O.O I slowly lost interest, but did not want the novel to be forgotten. The other day, I opened the first draft and found myself working on it.

I did originally start to play around with paperback sizes, back when I was only five chapters in. (It has fourteen and a start of 15).  I think it was when I saw that it was not very long that I stopped working on it. The novel has around 57,84 words (I took out the blurb word count to get that total). It seems that I may be at the end of my novel!

I remember wanting to reach 80k words for this novel, but I think I can now say that I have no idea whether it will ever get that far. If i can at least get one last chapter, or an epilogue, I’m good!

However, I do not like to get my hopes to high. I’ve had experience with them crashing. It hurts.