I have worked like CRAZY on Pictures of You over the last few days . . . I finished it! I do believe that I might need to do some final edits, but other than that, the novel is complete.

I am literally so HAPPY that I finished this novel. I do think that I might add more somewhere down the road, but in reality, I cannot go further in the story.

I plan to submit my final, formatted draft to SMASHWORDS before making the paperback available for distribution. The cover for this novel has been floating around for quite a while already. But if you have not seen it . . . NICE PoY.jpg


This is, in fact, my final cover for the novel. However, I have only shared it with the story through Write-On by Kindle (CLICK TO READ) . I have not posted much of the story over there, but that is where I placed the final cover.

With this novel now ready for publication, I can safely work on my Cinderella re-telling without feeling rushed to get this one complete. I’ve fully formatted an e-book ready manuscript and am preparing myself to make a launch team. I will have to launch myself and I know I can do it. I’ve been learning this for a little longer than six months. I can do this!