The banner you see featured has the covers I use for Wattpad, but what are the other two novels? Hmm  . . .

Scarred Hearts was one of my first “Romance” novels. I remember when I first thought of the story. Summer of 2015 was when I finally finished writing it. I was trying to get it finished for a contest held by Harlequin, which Wattpad was co-hosting. I did finish it, but was not within the first 50 chosen in the contest. I also had it entered in the Wattys, but was not a finalist in that either. I look back on that experience and laugh because it helped me get that novel finished by the deadlines.

Pictures of You came into play a couple weeks after I entered the Harlequin contest. I wanted to branch off Scarred Hearts and have another romance that people would love, as they were loving Scarred Hearts. It took nearly 4 years to complete Scarred Hearts, but only 6 months to complete Pictures of You. I suppose it is because I now know much more about writing than I did when I first started.

Escaping Realityy.png
Non-official cover.

Escaping Reality is a spin-off, companion novel of Pictures of You. I began to write this novel in the middle of the first month that I was writing Pictures of You. I stopped writing it because I was so involved in the other novel that I did not want to lose focus.

I have decided to pull this novel back out and work on it gradually, without losing focus of the work I am doing with ZvezdaEscaping Reality holds a special place in my heart, as most of my novels do. But this holds a gold medal, because I chose to base some of the plot on personal experience in the foster care system. Not all details and events are true, but they have the elements from my experiences.

This particular novel is one that I hope will help my writing grow from where it is, and I hope it is the start of several other companion novels. Which brings me to some other novels that I have already thought and planned out. The covers below are my way of remembering titles. However, they are not final covers, which is why they have the Harper Art watermark on them.

Each of these companion novels will have a link to each other, in some way or another. I’ve not thought out every link, but most of them have links. I will go further in detail about each novel separately. For now, I just need to work one at a time.