I’ve come to the conclusion that I will, indeed, write a series of fairytale re-tellings. I was merely goofing off with my graphic editor the other day, and came up with a few prospects for a re-telling of Sleeping Beauty . . .

Yes, I plan to write Sleeping Beauty as well. I ran the cover by a fellow reader, and they said it was a great idea. So . . .

I’ve made a list of the Fairytales I wish to write a re-telling about. I’m already writing Cinderella, so that one is already on its way to greatness.

Here is my list: This list is according to the fairy-tales I wish to re-tell. They are based from the Brothers Grimm Collection. I was very selective, because I would like to re-tell all of the ones I mention, but will only choose 6-7. If it’s got a little ←, these are a definite re-telling.

Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
Beauty and the Beast
The Six Swans
The Golden Children
The Seven Ravens
The Princess and the Pea
The Frog Prince
Faithful John
King Thrushbeard
The Two Brothers
The King of Persia and the Princess of the Sea
The Rose

I have a longer list than what I am sharing. I just keep scrolling through the tales and saying: “Oh! I remember that one!” I keep adding to the list. But like I said above, I am only choosing 6-7 tales.

While choosing which tales to re-tell, I am trying to find the right titles, and the right series title. I want it to match the theme I have in mind. And I want the covers to all match as well. But I need to make the series title first. I want the title to be in Russian, as all the book titles are. Of course, I do plan to have a translated title inside each book.

I wonder how Melanie Dickerson managed to make her novels longer than 50,000 words. They are at least 120,000+, or more, each. I am trying my hardest to get Zvezda to be a longish novel. I don’t want it to be short. I need to work on that. . . .