Yes, it seems I have already begun the series. I’ve chosen two more fairy-tales, but I will keep those on the DL for now. I know I have given a few of the fairy-tales I do plan on doing in a recent post, but I am not going to give away too much.

I’ve written out a couple summaries, a general outline for some of the stories, keeping them close to the original stories, but they have my spin on them. What I also like about the fairy-tales I have chosen, is that they are not as dark and gloom-doom as most of the Grimm Brothers’ other works are. I want good morals with clean romance and a good story to keep your attention.

My ideas are written in a journal-like notebook, which I bought for the purpose keeping my ideas in one place, and to keep track of my self-publishing progress. Basic detail: its a melt-in-pot of a lot of stuff, but reserved for my main purpose.

I know that I have been excited about many of my writing journeys, but this is my forte. It seems that the most enjoyable genre for me to read and write are Christian (this sums it up, but) Contemporary, Young Adult Romance, and now Fairy-tale re-tellings.

I’ve learned that some authors will try to go out of their comfort-zone, but I did try that and could not stay there. My comfort-zone is fine the way it is, and I like it that way.