My last post about these companion novels, I mentioned my plan to find out from my Wattpad readers which one to write next . . . Pretty much, I got one real vote and another reader brought up another story that I left on the shelf for too long.

Anyways, the vote was for Escaping Reality, which is one of the covers featured above. Its a great story, I based a couple characters on real people . . . Pretty much, every important character I have ever written is based off someone I know.

I was thinking of calling the companion series Hearts of Gold. Because in Seeking Shelter, the main protagonist is a romance author, and she has a novel with that title. To make the connection, I have the plan to write a short romance with the title (in case people want to know what the characters are reading) and will link it in most of the novels.

Because these companion novels kind of branch off from Pictures of You and Scarred Hearts, I am having a little trouble moving forward. There are some details and sections in each novel that I need to fix and revise. Apparently, some readers do not see the story from my perspective. That makes it hard for me, because I am prone to a bit of rejection. I used to be great at ignoring the negative, but over the last few months, it seems to have really taken a toll on me.

Yes, Pictures of You branches out, slightly out of my comfort-zone, and I remember mentioning it in the beginning, before ever posting a chapter. I decided to post another disclaimer on my Wattpad profile. So that it is there, should I ever have the problem.

I mean, I don’t mind when people point out spelling errors or missing punctuation. That’s all dandy, but its when they start to point out the story not being good, or a certain part not flowing for them.

Okay, yes, I have the rep of writing CLEAN fiction, with Christian plots. Pictures of You sort of goes out of that square, and it was crucial that I allowed it to be that way. However, I will say that I am glad this reader pointed this particular scene out. It appears that while writing that chapter, my writing was influenced by an NA novel I was reading at the time. I do not think it will be a problem to go over that chapter and revise it. That is the whole point of it being on Wattpad in the first place.