In one of my chapters, I have to bring in some new characters, to fill-in for a character or two, who will go missing. They are still there, but in these particular portions of the novel they are not brought into scenes for a while. Nothing wrong with that. Its all part of my plan to confuse the readers. *Sneaky grin*

With these new characters, there is going to be quite a twist. If readers will catch it, they will see the connections later. My plan is to link specific characters in Zvezda to my other re-tellings. Melanie Dickerson does this in her Hagenheim series, and I thought that was very clever. I am not taking the full idea, but I was inspired by her.

I am very good at making connections to my other stories. I’ve done it in several of my uncompleted stories. I figured it would be a great idea, and it will help others want to get my other books.