I have finally come to a solution. I have finally come up with series titles for the fairy-tale re-tellings and the companion novels (though I may have already shared that recently). 

Hearts of Gold logo 3
Hearts of Gold Companion Novels

So, I was playing around with a few ideas and came up with these lovely logos that are featured in this post.

Hearts of Gold, Tales of Russian Hearts, and the Rescued Novellas are all books/novels that I intend to complete, God willing.

Hearts of Gold series title comes from when I was writing down some ideas for a coming novel, Seeking Shelter. This is an actual novel that one of my characters will have written and published, and I suddenly wondered what her novel would be about and what it would be like to read it myself. Yeah, you get the idea. So, I resolved to write the novel, and name the series after that novel. I already have all the titles for the companion novels, which brings me to the number 12. Yes, 12 novels that are all companion novels and read mainly as a stand alone. I cannot quite remember mentioning any of the titles, aside of Pictures of You, Scarred Hearts, Hearts of Gold and Seeking Shelter. So I will have a separate post about those titles later down the road.

Rescued Novella logo
Rescued Novellas

For those of you who are not familiar with my Rescued series, it is just a short story that has not ended yet. I think they can be considered one collective novella, not separate short stories. Even though that is how I them posted on Wattpad.

Tales of Russian Hearts 1
Tales of Russian Hearts Series

And finally, the fairy-tales will go under this logo. I may change it a little later down the road, but this is to have the idea in my face where I can see it. I like where I was headed with the idea, but perhaps the color of the flake is wrong . . . Let the readers be the judge of there for now.

More on each of these series to come!