Little by little, I am changing things around on this site. Since I intend to use this site as my author website, in the near future, I am making the following changes and updates. 

You will notice that I have added a “books” tab to the menu bar. This is where you will find my book blurbs and dream casts. You will also find the unofficial blurbs of coming stories/novels. The reason: Some of the books in the Hearts of Gold novels . . . I wrote them before the first couple of books (I mentioned it before,). And I didn’t want them to look out of place. So I added books 1  & 2, just to keep it flowing and not odd book out.

I may also make actual changes to the site layout. I am thinking of changing the color-scheme and the theme. But not quite sure what I will do with that yet.

Anyways, felt the need to say that.