Hearts of Gold is the novel that the protagonist has written in Seeking Shelter. 

When I was deciding to make these novels companions, I knew I needed one of the novels to make the connection to the “series” title. At first, I was only going to have the “series” title mentioned in each of the novels, but that did not quite work for me.

Hearts of Gold is going to be the book-baby of the leading female character in Seeking Shelter. The characters in this novel, though not “true” to the other characters in the “series”, will make appearances in a couple of the other novels.

I am not fully certain that the perspective will switch between characters, like most of the other novels. But I am for certain that it will be told from the main male character. I also plan to make this particular novel a topic of conversation in another novel I had TRIED to write for NaNoWriMo2015 (add me as your buddy!), but more on that in another post.

One of the characters in this novel is going to be “based” on another character in Seeking Shelter, who is actually based on a very close friend of mine. Very much like all the rest of the companion novels.

I do have intentions of making this a very clean novel. I made a few mistakes in Pictures of You which brought me such disappointment after I went back to look them over. I do not want those mistakes again plus, this will be quite a turn around.