Seeking Shelter 1Seeking Shelter is going to surge into the Hearts of Gold novels.

I think I should have thought of this story YEARS AGO, but I didn’t. My reason for thinking this is because Seeking Shelter is what opens your mind to know what Hearts of Gold is.

The story is told in the young woman’s perspective. I originally called her Ella Emerson, but I recently saw that name does belong to a real-life author, so I may have to change it. 😀 Hahahaha!

Nothing wrong with that. Authors change character names all the time during revising. I just don’t want the author to find my book and think I was writing about her. That could go two ways: She will either be flattered, or she will ask me to change the name.

So here’s the solution: In my first draft, the protagonist will have the name Ella Emerson. And then I will change the name while editing.

There is another major connection in this novel to one of my other stories. The Rescued Novella. It is a subtle connection, and if you have read the short series, you might catch it. However, this is the first time I am mentioning it. I make mention of it on Wattpad in the new part I will post to that novella. Yes, you are the first to know.