Tsvetok: Sleeping Beauty re-telling. 

I mentioned wanting to write a re-telling for this fairy-tale, and here is my little snip-it of creation. I know that I probably mentioned that I would keep my focus on Zvezda, but I couldn’t help putting an outline together.

Coming up with the plot for this fairy-tale was no big task. I have decided to keep it the closest to the original plot as possible, with my twist of course. However, I am influenced by the Disney animation film. So, we can expect it will be quite similar.

 I was thinking how I could make the story link to Zvezda. Either the main character will be related to the characters from Zvezda, or this will be like a prequel story. I think the first option will be the best to go with, since I’ve already thought of to make that work. (I like to put out my ideas after already choosing my solution.)

Roza is going to be the eldest daughter of Daniil and Estella, who are the characters from Zvezda. She is named after Daniil’s favorite sister, and this is the connection.

Filipp is the prince and hero in this tale, and very much like the Disney version of this story, he will meet Roza in the woods, the day before her sixteenth birthday. Now, I did say that I am influenced by the animation film, and I will keep the story close to that, but it is my own original twist on the story.