Okay, maybe this is not so much a secret, because I have made mention of it before on my other blog (CLICK HERE TO VISIT, but I will not tell you how to find it.). However, the reason I am deciding to call it my secret project is because I have not shared anything about it, except for maybe the title and the possible Wattpad cover. Buahahahahaha! Yes, this is not my first rodeo. I know that I should keep a focus on only one of the novels I am working on. But this novel is one that I do not want to let fall away.

if-theres-a-book-that-you-want-to-read-toni-morrisonI am a bit of a sucker for crime and mystery, but it depends on the story. This story seems to already have been told in several different ways, but not in my version. Which is why this quote is very accurate.
I often think of stories that do not exist, which is why I write so much. I never find the story I want to read, causing a surge of imagination to create it.

If I have already mentioned this, then lucky for the people who know about it. I do remember showing the idea to someone and they thought it was my actual story . . . What? LOL And someone else told me it sounded cliché. Well, fine, you can call it a cliché, but this is a twist of my own.

Okay, it might not be so much of a secret, if you were snooping through the book pages. 😉