Hello there! Interested in knowing what this crazy author is up to? Here’s the scoop!

Over the weekend, I barely did anything that relates to writing. What I did do; however, was type a chapter into my laptop. You may or may not have noticed the page for my novel When Push Comes to Shove, and that is the chapter I was typing. I did not share the beginning of the novel on Wattpad (though I posted the summary/description), but I did share it to Write-On by Kindle. If you are interested in knowing about that, CLICK HERE. I already received a bit of feedback from a fellow authoress, and I am super happy with what she said. It definitely gave me the boost I needed to move forward with that idea.

Seeking Shelter may or may not be underway . . . Reason being that I have been mentally blocked and cannot think of where to move next. This is sort of the case with several of my books . . . Yes, this includes Zvezda. 😦 But I hope this blockage will lift soon.

If you follow my weekly personal blog, you will know that I am on a reading hiatus. Health reasons. I believe the blockage is result of not reading as much as I would usually. But I do need this break, so perhaps the writing break is necessary. However, this will not stop me from plotting my novel outlines, etc. I did write a little bit for my short story Found, which will be updated on Wednesday.

I am happy to say that I have been plotting my novels offline. And by “offline” I mean in my handy novel-journal. I literally get carried away when I am plotting. I think I plotted a couple new ideas, but not going to put them into action. I have enough material to work on as it is, and I don’t want the material I have right now to go to waste.signiture