Hadassah Harper



March 2016

Writing Wednesday: My Dog’s Story

Some enjoy it, and some think it is odd. But a lot of people love a good story told from a pet’s (or animal’s) P.O.V. Continue reading “Writing Wednesday: My Dog’s Story”


Writing: Final Chapters for Zvezda!

Zvezda is officially coming to an end. But where one book ends, another begins. Continue reading “Writing: Final Chapters for Zvezda!”

Writing: Another Russian Themed Series?

If this picture does not spark inspiration for a new book (or series) I don’t know what will. Continue reading “Writing: Another Russian Themed Series?”

Okay, I couldn’t wait any longer! Just follow down to the cover! Continue reading “Cover Reveal: Zvezda”

Sneak Peek: Zvezda

Hello lovelies! I thought it was about time to share an excerpt of my book. So, here is your sneak peek at ZvezdaContinue reading “Sneak Peek: Zvezda”

Writing: Keeping to a Schedule?

I stink at keeping to a writing schedule. I work best when it is flowing automatically. Which means, Writer’s Block is of no help at all. Continue reading “Writing: Keeping to a Schedule?”

Writing: Novel vs. Novella vs. Novelette

I have come to the conclusion that I write novella sized stories. With a few exceptions . . . Continue reading “Writing: Novel vs. Novella vs. Novelette”

Writing: New Music and Finding my Muse

I have a particular taste in music when it comes to writing.  Continue reading “Writing: New Music and Finding my Muse”

Writing: Rearrangements

I was looking at my outlines the other day and I’ve got some fixing to do. Continue reading “Writing: Rearrangements”

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