Seeking Shelter is officially underway. And here is a little bit of what I have planned! 

Seeking Shelter is by NO MEANS a romance. And here is why: The main characters are best friends, but they forever have the impression that they are friend-zoned. And this is true. They are in the friend-zone. The bond that will grow is more of a brother/sister relationship, rather than a couple.

This was my original plan when I thought up Pictures of You, but we all know how that turned out. However, I did start both novels at the same time. The only thing that separated one from the other was that I was trying to get Pictures of You ready before the new year . . . That was a near fail, but I did finish the “first draft” before February. Anyways, Seeking Shelter will follow a young woman, an author (of course), and she is roughly based on myself. The only difference is she is published, and I am not. 😀

Ella Emerson is a real author . . . which is why I might change the character’s name.