I’ve decided on a sixth book in the Tales of a Russian Heart series. Yes, that is the series title. 😀

To be quite honest, I did try to keep my focus on what I have going on right now. I really did try! However, I find nothing wrong in grabbing my ideas so I don’t lose them. Of course, not all ideas are worth putting down, if I lose interest after an hour (true story). However, because this involves the fairy-tale re-tellings, I was not going to let it drop.

If you were to CLICK HERE, you will see that a new title has been added to the Tales of a Russian Heart series page. And that is Krasnaya Shaochka; Red Hood, which will be a Little Red Riding Hood re-telling, but without the magic and talking wolf, etc. I’ve written a basic outline, and I know what I want from the story. To give you a small idea of what I plan, here is a small blurb/quote.

Krasnaya Shaochka - RED HOOD promo