I was looking through my PC the other day, cleaning the unnecessary files that I don’t need anymore. And guess what I came across. Old story ideas that I dropped. Yes, I care to share. 

I have this one story that was going to have modern royalty themes, with a mixture of fan-fiction. Fan-fiction because I made the protagonist  fall in love with, and marry, Ian Harding. Yes, I know. What the heck! But hey, it was a great idea at the beginning, even though I never wrote the fan-fiction part. I take that back. I did write a bit of fan-fiction elements, because there are mentions of actors who the main character runs into.

I have another one that was actually a story idea that was given to me from someone who I don’t ever want to speak to again. It was called “Mending His Broken Wings”.

I have this one story that is complete, but I am missing one chapter. One chapter is missing! It’s because when I was transferring from an old Wattpad account, I did not save that one chapter. I vaguely remember what that chapter had inside, so I really want to re-write that one and share it again. But it’s not publish-worthy.

“Classified and Approved” was a Nick Jonas FF, with Christian theme. never went anywhere because I lost interest. It happens now and then. 🙂