I was looking at my outlines the other day and I’ve got some fixing to do.

With this in mind, I’ve come to realize that I have a bit of a mix up when it comes to my Tales of a Russian Heart series, and a few of my other works.

If you follow my Book-stagram (haddies.haven, personal – mlhadassah) you may have seen my post about the bloodline I was drawing for the Tales of a Russian Heart series. As It turns out, after making this outline, I realized that some of the characters were placed in the books in the wrong order. The bloodline is how I want the characters placement to be in the series, so I will be fixing the series order on the page (here on the website). So, if for some reason you notice titles missing, this is why.

32186964a3eaaa7c647c8cc9fc435c699e862aa1226f1a60c563da206ee7f4ea.jpgHere is a picture of the outline. It is not the best quality picture, I admit, but it is what I could do on short notice. I plan to make a digital table of this, and clean it up better.

Another thing I am working out is the connections in my Hearts of Gold companion series. I am not making a bloodline *shakes head*, oh no. Because none of the characters are related in in a family manner. How they are related as friends, or they are the character that was working in the store when a main character was shopping. That is how it works in my head, no pun intended. 😉