I have come to the conclusion that I write novella sized stories. With a few exceptions . . .

I only have two novels (50k+ words), and the rest of them fall into novella (17k-40k words) or novelette (7.5k-17k words). Now . . . this can be discouraging, but I am not going to let it get me. Because there is nothing wrong with the books being that length, as long as the story is told from start to finish . . . right?

I mean, writing a large amount of words was never something I managed well. Many of my stories stopped at 11-18 chapters, with a count of 30k+ words. If that is my usual word count, then I should step it up a bit.

The thing is, I have noticed that my Cinderella re-telling is nearing the end of the story. Which means that it is a novella. Because my current word count is 27.4k. Not a horrible thought, because at least I am completing it and not leaving it on the shelf, unfinished.

Not going to let a little difference stop me. If the book is novella length, then novella it shall be. That means I can goof around with paperback size again and make better plans! 😉