If this picture does not spark inspiration for a new book (or series) I don’t know what will.

 28652-knight-on-his-horseI have been trying to fill my visuals bin with medieval-like artwork. I came across many images like this and knew exactly what I wanted to do. I will not give too much of it away, because it will spoil my Tales of a Russian Heart series. Because it pertains to those books.

Basically, this new idea is not coming for a while. Like, it is an extreme futuristic thing coming. However, it does take place in the past . . . A little hint, the main character is a descendant of Daniil and Estella. Another hint is that this character is going to lead an army. And that is all I plan to say. Okay, I take that back. allow me to elaborate.

This is, in fact, a historical fiction series, with Christian elements. Not going to re-tell any fairy-tales with this series. Just going to bring more light to the friendship between man and equine-beast. So, you can probably tell that this is a spin-off series, with the exception of the main character being a descendant of my original characters in Zvezda.

I think part of the idea came from looking at an old forgotten story I found the other day. It involves horses and their owners. The only difference is that story was going to be a fantasy, but I dropped it when I did not see it going anywhere. More on this new series to come. For now, read what I have so far in Zvezda. 🙂 Just remember that I did not share the official cover anywhere else, just here on my site. I am also in line for a new Wattpad cover, so we will see where that goes.