Zvezda is officially coming to an end. But where one book ends, another begins.

I have already begun to bring Tsvetok to a start. Loosely keeping my sights and goals to a minimum of finishing this second book by June. If not, at least I will have it going. As mentioned in prior post(s), the Tales of a Russian Heart series is going to be seven novella-sized books. I have graciously accepted the fact that these books are not going to have 50k+ words.

However, Zvezda just reaching the 30k word-count. But I do have another chapter (or epilogue) planned. the chapter I am currently writing is what gives the story that final push it needs to end with a bang. And then push the reader(s) to want more. 😉

Tsvetok is going to begin . . . . NOT where Zvezda leaves off. The reason being that book 2 is not about those characters. Of course, it is several years later, and the second book DOES open with a brief chapter (or prologue) that that sort of says ‘goodbye‘ to Estella and Daniil, introducing their daughter and a few new characters. There may be a a brief introduction to the prince-like character in Zvezda, but not going to give too much away yet.

Also, I revealed to you my ‘secret project‘ which I will be elaborating more on that in a different post. However, I wish to get the Tales of a Russian Heart out of the way before working on that. Because in order to know where I wish to begin in that project, I need to know where this one ends.