Hadassah Harper



April 2016

Plans for after #CampNaNoWriMo

I like to plan ahead. Sometimes the plan will not work out, other times it works out perfectly.  Continue reading “Plans for after #CampNaNoWriMo”


Commitment to Camp NaNoWriMo

My Camp project has been speeding along beautifully! I won’t be surprised if I complete the challenge. Continue reading “Commitment to Camp NaNoWriMo”

Writing: Another ‘Secret Project’

Y’all know what BookTube is? You had better because that is a major asset in this new project . . . . Or two. 😉 Continue reading “Writing: Another ‘Secret Project’”

Writing: Plot-Twists and Edits

Nothing like a good plot twist to make the story accelerate. 😉  Continue reading “Writing: Plot-Twists and Edits”

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