Nothing like a good plot twist to make the story accelerate. 😉 

Yes, I have decided to add a plot twist to Zvezda at last minute. Which means I am adding not just one more chapter, but two or three, if I can manage it. However, this plot twist is crucial for the outcome of Tsvetok. No, I am not telling you. If you wish to know what’s going to happen, FOLLOW THIS LINK. I have a few more twists planned for the future of the Tales of a Russian Heart series.

In terms of my final edits, I have changed name spellings, but they are the same. Just slightly different pronunciations. These edits are a big help for me, because they are helping me to see my books at a different angle, and make them better.

I plan to take a short break from writing this series, during Camp NaNoWriMo this month. Because I have something fun in mind and I would like to get it finished during Camp. But more on this in another post. 😀