My Camp project has been speeding along beautifully! I won’t be surprised if I complete the challenge.

 I am updating my progress on my other blog – Haddie Harper – which you can check out if you would like. I have been writing like crazy that I am able to meet word count quota for a day (or three) ahead. It’s been fun to interact with the other Camp participants, and I have found myself capable of giving other mates advice that they find helpful, and I failed my first attempt at NaNoWriMo, Nov. 2015.

My characters are not based on anyone, none that I am aware of, so they are basically straight out of imaginary places, because I do not think either of them exist anywhere, except in my head.

But more on that another time. The point is, I have to keep my focus on my Camp project, just until I have it complete, then I can return to writing Zvezda and whatever else I was planning. 😉