I like to plan ahead. Sometimes the plan will not work out, other times it works out perfectly. 

I feel like such a goon for not posting in a while. But like I mentioned in a previous post, I have been extremely committed to Camp NaNoWriMo and have not been thinking much about anything else. However, now that the month is nearly over, I can safely say that I am revving to move forward with my other writing.

Zvezda will be back on track fairly quickly. I only need to finish writing the last couple of chapters I have planned and it will be complete. Then I will be taking a break from writing the re-tellings, just until I get my other projects back in the swing. I think there is another Camp NaNoWriMo in July, so I have an almost plan to participate in that with a new novel idea I have been thinking about. I do not have set plans, it is just an idea to help me get that novel written in one month.

The Blank Space has been so much fun to write and I have been loving the challenge of seeing how many words I can get written and writing so much that I was ahead in my novel. The moment the last words were written and my word count was validated, I think I was just about ready to jump through the roof.

Quick question for you lovely girls out there. What do you think of Asa Butterfield? I personally think his recent look in Ten Thousand Saints fits my new novel idea perfectly. Its the hair. I was trying to vision a sort of “punk-like” guy with black hair, bangs covering his face and then I saw that trailer and said: “Yes, that’s Jake Clemons.”

I mention this somewhere else, that I developed this character for a dare during Camp in April. He has a a flash of a scene in a later chapter. My character, Bella, in The Blank Space, sees him, but that is it. If I were to share that chapter now, you would know who he is, but then again, maybe you wouldn’t. But once I get the new novel going, it will be easy to tell who he is, because I plan to replay that snippet scene in the first chapter.