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May 2016

Black Sunshine Promo

Hey everyone! My new novel, ‘Black Sunshine’ is coming to Wattpad in one month. Continue reading “Black Sunshine Promo”


Yep, It Is A Sequel

Yeah, as if my post title were not explanatory enough. It is definitely a sequel that I am writing. Continue reading “Yep, It Is A Sequel”

Writing a Sequel?

I came up with an idea for later this year.  Continue reading “Writing a Sequel?”

Rise of the Old Writings

On one of my writing blogs (Haddie’s Haven 2.0; Read to Write) I reiterated a piece of advice I heard from another  author. I can most definitely confirm the theory to be true.  Continue reading “Rise of the Old Writings”

Writing: The Korolevskiy Kon’ Series

Korolevskiy Kon’ – The King’s Horse.  Continue reading “Writing: The Korolevskiy Kon’ Series”

So much for waiting until July . . .

Okay, technically I am still waiting until July to move further with this novel idea, but I needed to thank the cover artist on Wattpad somehow. So I posted the summary.  Continue reading “So much for waiting until July . . .”

More Adjustments

When you make a small mistake, correct it and start over. Continue reading “More Adjustments”

When you finish writing one book, write a new one!

It is official! I have completed my Cinderella re-telling, Zvezda; Star. Over the last couple of days, aside of formatting two of my novels for print-proofing, I have been writing my final chapters and epilogue. It only took me a couple weeks to finally get back into it. Continue reading “When you finish writing one book, write a new one!”

Writing: Adjustments

The new Star Wars movie . . . Its very loud.

Continue reading “Writing: Adjustments”

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