It is a new month! Camp NaNoWriMo ended with a fantastic bang and I have been trying to get back into the books I was working on before deciding to participate in the challenge. 

The thing is, I am still on fire from the last month and I was planning to channel that energy into getting Zvezda; Star finished. Or even into revising Pictures of You, or getting my next Hearts of Gold novel going. No no no. . . . Okay, what I am about to tell you was strictly confidential until today. On my other weekly “personal” blog, I shared my plans to write a new novel in July (provided there is another session of Camp NaNoWriMo in that month) and I already have the story description/summary posted to Figment. Which is a fantastic site for writing, that branches off Penguin Random House (not sponsored, my personal opinion).

I outlined the story after writing in a character to my project (Nothing Between Us), for a dare. I do not remember mentioning it here, but by CLICKING HERE, you can learn what that dare was. This scene I wrote for the dare, as I mention in that Camp update post, is a major Easter egg. Here is the scene:

When Jace finally stands to return to his seat, I catch a glimpse of some guy looking my way. His deep blue eyes are piercing at me beneath thick black hair; the way a wolf would when stalking its prey. But I don’t feel weird about it, the way I did when Justin looked at me the night of prom. Something flashes in his eyes before he looks away. That is a deep pain.

So, yeah, that is the scene. Feel free to look through my pages, since I have updated them. There is a new page or two that involves ‘Nothing Between Us’. I am polishing up this novel and I have a few publishers in mind who would probably give my work a once over. I don’t want to go through the sh-peel of getting an agent. I can agent myself.