The new Star Wars movie . . . Its very loud.

Anyways, was looking over the digital proof of my Camp NaNoWriMo novel, and I had to resubmit the files because I had to adjust the cover . . . a few times. It might be a while before I can actually get the printed proof sent to me.
“Dad, I think I need to borrow your credit card.”
That will be my question when the time comes for me to actually order the printed proof. Along with this little event, I’ve gone over my other novel, Pictures of You, and I edited it best to my ability. Revised a few paragraphs, or more, as well as formatted it and submitted it to CreateSpace as well. Below is the video of the digital viewer.
Also, I will, hopefully, be reposting this novel to Wattpad, once I have gone over it again and finished editing and revising those chapters.
Happy Mother’s Day everyone!