It is official! I have completed my Cinderella re-telling, Zvezda; Star. Over the last couple of days, aside of formatting two of my novels for print-proofing, I have been writing my final chapters and epilogue. It only took me a couple weeks to finally get back into it.

So, because I also want Zvezda to sit on my shelf, I formatted it and submitted it for review on CreateSpace. It also gave me a push to get the first chapter of the next book written, because I want like the idea of it being a sneak peek in the end of the book. Like how all those big authors publishers do in their books . . . Yeah. I decided to do that.

It’s a great motivator to get something started. I zoomed through the first chapter, recapping just a bit of the missing pieces between books, without making it a full sequel. It’s only supposed to give an idea where this new character comes from, without re-telling the entirety of the first book.

Also, I had to come up with a new character name at last minute, though I was not planning to have this character until I realized a previous character would need this new character to sort of . . . reflect that original character mix. Seeing this new character is the child of that original character and another supporting character.

I will have another post soon with some of the characters names, who they are, who are they related to in Zvezda, and I will also have a dream cast linked in the book’s page (which you can find in the Russian Series’ tab, or you can just CLICK HERE).

“Cruisin’ for a bruisin'”!