Okay, technically I am still waiting until July to move further with this novel idea, but I needed to thank the cover artist on Wattpad somehow. So I posted the summary. 

 I want to give you guys a little sneak peek at what I have been writing. Please, hold your applause until the end.

Jake is asleep in the bed beside me, resting the back his head against my chest. His hand is holding the hem of my shirt. I am reading a random book that Blake’s sister, Angela, let me borrow. It is a moment like this that proves Jake is forever special to me. The boy whose parents have shunned, and I am in love with him. I did not realize I was being maternal in how I comfort Jake, but it has been necessary. Jake’s mother never loved him this way and someone should love Jake. I love Jake in many ways, and not just as his girlfriend.

Jake begins to stir, his fingers clutching at my shirt, pulling it taunt. I hold my breath, preparing for him to jump up from a nightmare. But then, I watch as Jake’s expression softens. He rolls over, scooting down slightly as he begins to nuzzle his face in my stomach. I smile, letting out the breath and run my fingers through his black hair. I start to hum to the tune of We the Kings, ‘We’ll Be a Dream’, featuring Demi Lovato.

A few minutes later, Jake pushes himself up and smiles at me.

“Hey,” I say softly. “How was your nap?”

“It was nice,” Jake replies, scooting forward to kiss me. “Except for . . . I didn’t do anything . . . did I?”

“No,” I shake my head and smile. “You were beginning to yank on my shirt, but you stopped yourself . . . Will you tell me what you were dreaming?”

Jake slowly pushes himself to his knees, resting on his palms as he looks towards the curtains on the window. I wait, knowing that he is going to tell me, he’s just prepping his mind.

“It was . . .” he begins, clearing his throat as he takes a deep breath. “I’m not exactly sure where I was, but I know that I was looking for you. It was raining, there was lots of lightning, and I was running everywhere. I kept running into people from the hospital my parents took me to . . . No one would let me pass, so I had to backtrack and find a different way . . . Someone grabbed at me and I guess that is when I started grabbing your shirt. I was trying to free myself from their grasp . . . But then . . .” Jake starts to smile and meets my gaze. “You came and the other people vanished, the sun came out, the clouds went away. You opened your arms and, like that night after I ran from your dad’s words, I stumbled into your embrace. Everything washed away because you were there.”

I laugh softly, which earns me a puzzled look from Jake.

“That must have been when you started nuzzling against my stomach,” I say, leaning forward to take his hand. “Which was adorable, by the way.”

Jake chuckles and moves forward to kiss my cheek. I laugh as he starts to kiss a soft spot on my neck. He has become very affectionate lately, when he is having a good day. There have been a few bad days, but he has not let them pull him into darkness. I love this side of him.

“What’s that buzzing sound?” he asks, pulling away to look around.

“My phone,” I reply, grabbing it from the nightstand next to the bed. “Hello?”


“Dad,” I say slowly. “Hey . . . Is everything alright?”

“Not exactly . . .” he replies, hacking a terrible cough. “I’m in the hospital . . . I had a minor stroke last night and that kid across the street, Chuck, phoned an ambulance. I have been a little under the weather . . . Would you come and see me? Without Jake, of course.”

“Oh Dad,” I look at Jake, contemplating my answer. “I’m so sorry . . . I would love to come and visit, I just . . . Let me talk to Jake, hold on for one second.”

“Okay . . .”

I mute the call; Jake’s expression creases with a mixture of concern and hesitation.

“My dad had a stroke,” I say softly, looking at the phone screen in my hand. “Chuck saw him and called for an ambulance. He wants me to come and visit . . . But he wants me to come without bringing you.”

“Okay . . .” Jake trails off, but he does not close me out. This is an improvement.

“I wouldn’t be gone for too long,” I go on, shaking my head as I look at him. “It would just be for a couple days and I will be back before you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

This makes Jake smile a little bit.

“I think I could handle a few days away from you,” he whispers, looking away. “But you have to promise me that you won’t let anyone try to pick you up.”

He grins, looking back to me. I smile and lean forward to kiss him on the lips before un-muting the call.

“Dad,” I say gently. “I’m coming. I will just make sure Jake has his meds prepared while I am gone and I will stay for a few days. Does that work?”

“Thank you Emily,” Dad replies; I can hear the relief in his voice. “When can you get here?”

“I can be there tonight. I can take the next available plane, and-or train. Hang in there, Dad. You still have time left in your tinker. I love you.”

“I love you too, kiddo.”

I end the call, looking at Jake for a moment before pressing my lips to his. He pulls me into his arms as I wrap my hands around his neck. This is not the last time I will see him. Why do I feel like it is?

 So . . . what do you think? Please tell you would read this. Because the rest of the story is just as amazing! *Pats self on the back*