Korolevskiy Kon’ – The King’s Horse. 

If you guys remember, I mentioned my idea of writing a spin-off series that follows the relationship between a horse and his master. Yeah, this is that idea brought to light.

The Korolevskiy Kon’ Series follows the great grandson of Daniyel’ and Estella Khrebtova, Daniyel’ Khrebtova the Third. His story takes place around 100 years after Zvezda. Which means, yes, those characters have been long gone. But they are mentioned and remembered with a lot of love. I had to come up with some history and some back-story to how the horse relates to Zvezda, and I am pretty happy with myself.

I plan to make this at most, a four book series, if not just a duo-logy. And I also, hope, to make the books full novel length, whereas Zvezda came to only  37,674 words. Less words means small book size to make it look like a normal sized paperback. I am not going to aim too high, because the story will come out to the right number without me actually keeping track.

The point is to get the story told, no matter the length or word-count. Sometimes a story is told in 100k+ words. Sometimes a story is told in only 10k words. As long as the story gets told and makes sense, length does not matter. At least, not to me.

I truly hope this series (or duo-logy) works out.