On one of my writing blogs (Haddie’s Haven 2.0; Read to Write) I reiterated a piece of advice I heard from another  author. I can most definitely confirm the theory to be true. 

 If you follow my book blog, you will have seen my reviews for the Backstage Pass series (from EntangledTEEN Crush) by five amazing authors, which only means one thing. Loads of writing has been spewing through my head. So much that I went back over to my other Wattpad account (MLHarper22) to go over my 1D fan-fictions. It is always good to go over older writings to see how far I have come, as a writer.

Sometimes, when I go back in time, I end up seeing ways how I could have made the story better; how I could have done some points differently. I might actually edit all the stories and make them better, but keeping them as they are will keep my writing progression stats for me, I will continue to see how my writing has grown since writing those stories.