I came up with an idea for later this year. 

Since I have the plan to start sharing my new novel, Black Sunshine, in July, I thought I would see if I can pull out some ideas to write when I have that one finished. I was originally going to pull out an old idea and see if I could re-vamp it into something awesome, but then I got lost in thinking about writing a sequel to Black Sunshine. Perhaps not a full sequel, but like a continuing to follow up on the original characters, and bring out a new story of new characters as well.

The one glitch is I have never been good at sequels. I have tried a few times, but they are only half finished, which is not what I intended. I went into those sequel full force, and then they just dropped. It’s different with the Tales of a Russian Heart series because the books are not going to be a follow-up to the previous story. I mean, they kind of are, but I have not been thinking of them that way in my head.

Anyways, just bouncing around with ideas, because Black Sunshine is nearly finished (behind the scenes) and I want to have a project ready to start ASAP. This way I don’t lose the flow of writing and go into writer’s block.