Yep, It Is A Sequel

Yeah, as if my post title were not explanatory enough. It is definitely a sequel that I am writing.

Black Sunshine has a certain quality to the plot. It has turned out to be much better than I expected, and I need a good follow-up. Even though I am the one writing, I want to see where life takes the characters afterwards. Perhaps, not these characters directly, but their kids. Yes, their kids.

Not going to spoil it too much, because in ‘Black Sunshine’ I left it with the feeling that there is more. Which there is, but not the way readers will think. I think this sequel can have classification as a spin-off but only because I take some characters and branch into a different story, giving life and light to some people who were not elaborated on.

The main point of this sequel is the budding romance between two characters and how they will deal with bumps, if there are any, in the road as they grow even more closer together. If you have read my other works, you will know that I am BIG on best-friends turned lovers. Secretly, I want to have a best (guy) friend I fall in love with. Why else do I write about it so much?

I will be creating a page for the sequel, but I will not be sharing any information until after I have finished posting ‘Black Sunshine’ chapters to Wattpad. First chapter actually goes up at the end of June, but all of my updates will take place in July. The sequel is already going to be amazing. So, I really do hope there are people who will like it.


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