As if the title of this post were not evidence enough. 😀 

The other day, while writing ‘Black Keys I realized something. I am writing very fast and there is so much more I wish to add to this story, and to Black Sunshine. So . . . I ended up outlining some short stories and prequels. Yes, I am about to share each idea with you, but they are just ideas, and I am not aiming to make anything of them unless I see they necessary.

 Also, this does not just apply to ‘Black Sunshine‘ and ‘Black Keys‘. This also applies to a few of my other works. There are somethings I forgot to write into some of stories, and I think it is a good idea to have them be something . . . extra. Like a free bonus that a reader can download for signing up for a mailing list. (*winks and whispers* I’m getting there, be patient.)

So, there is a prequel idea I have for ‘Black Sunshine‘. Emily goes back in her memories and thinks about a time in high school when Jake has a minor episode. His parents come and take him out of school, to bring him to the hospital. I want to bring that day to life. It will be told in Emily’s P.O.V. and it will be fairly short. This is a DEFINITE idea.

Another idea I have takes place during ‘Black Keys‘; however, it is a scene that you do not realize takes place. There will be a hint in the epilogue (which is right around the corner for me to write), which will leave readers asking questions. “What!? Wait a second . . . When did that happen and how did I miss that!?” It will have them going back a few chapters, only to realize I did not write it in that book. 😉

In my ‘Black Keys‘ dream cast, I mention one of the brothers having his own story to tell. Well, I’ve already started to write Eric’s story. I don’t have an outline, or a title, just a small picture of what I would like to happen. I am thinking about giving the chapters funny titles, since Eric is fairly funny in how he likes to express things. What guy isn’t? Eric’s story will take place five years after ‘Black Keys‘, which makes him a twenty-year-old college soccer star. I think I am going to make it only Eric’s P.O.V. instead of alternating between him and his possible love-interest. Don’t have much details, just what I’ve shared.

Another idea I have involves ‘Pictures of You’. Its a short story about one of the first real dates where Merick takes Ebony for a motorcycle ride. This was a forgotten idea that I had meant to write into the book. Hopefully I will get it out . . . which I most likely might.


Okay . . . So maybe I do have a title for some of these ideas. Here is the list that involves ‘Black Sunshine’ and ‘Black Keys’.

>>>> The Black Series <<<<

 As you can probably tell, I put a lot of thought into it. 🙂