Seriously, when you don’t know what series title works best for your books, you tend to do some crazy things. For instance, if all your titles include the word ‘Black’, there is a possibility you will have to call the series something with the word ‘black’.
During Camp NaNoWriMo, in April 2016, I wrote a 60k word novel and branched into a spin-off that has become three books. O.O What? I know, I’ve spoken about this up and down the flag-pole, but for today, it is necessary.

‘Black Sunshine’ is an expansion on a small scene in ‘Nothing Between Us’. This is the story of Jake Clemons. We alternate perspectives with Emily Clemons, a young woman who has always wanted to help Jake, she just did not know how until now.

After this is ‘Black Keys’ which follows Emily and Jake’s daughter, Sabrina Dominguez. (We learn why the change of last names, so do not ask me to explain it, you will have to wait and read it.) This novel also alternates perspectives, and the other P.O.V. is Gil Solorio, whom is the step-son of Jake’s brother, Nathan. Gil and Sabrina are best friends growing up, but we learn about that bit by bit, because this story starts when Sabrina is nineteen, and Gil is somewhere around 6-7 years older than she is. The last portion of this novel sort of has a similar flow as the previous book, but that is for another time.

‘Black & Blues’ comes next and we follow Sabrina’s younger brother, Eric. Eric is a twin, and we sort of learn about him in ‘Black Keys’, since he is a bit of a sub-plot, but only briefly. The reason being I was hinting that Eric will also have a story to tell. This novel does not alternate perspectives, because I want readers to be in Eric’s head. I am not set on whether Eric meets his love or not, but the girl in the story is Annie. We actually catch a snippet of her in ‘Black Keys’, but you won’t realize who she is until this novel is posted.

c5c20e863123ee9565824b863794f9bc.jpgJust in case you miss it (because it’s on my Pinterest), I made this on Polyvore. I have an idea for a fourth novel, but I am a little skeptical. The reason is what I have planned in ‘Black & Blues’.

I have a short story planned for ‘Black Keys’ but now I think it just might be bonus chapters that I add to the book later. Along with that, there is a prequel to ‘Black Keys’ that will tell a bit of Sabrina and Gil’s past and how they grew to be best friends.

There is also a prequel for ‘Black Sunshine’ that shows Emily in high school and a brief interaction she has with Jake before his parents pull him out of school permanently.

Yeah, I am basically ranting about something I already announced, but this was necessary. It is refreshing my nearly fried brain, because this is all I have been working on for the last month.

Well . . . . More another day. I’ve got an idea for ‘Black & Blues’ and I want to get it down before it disappears.