I am about to rant. Like a lot. I mentioned along the way that I uploaded a manuscript to SwoonReads.com – The morning has been going great . . . until this morning’s email notifications.

Apparently, my novel Nothing Between Us is getting very good reviews . . . The majority of the comments have been brief, and all positive. There was one comment about description, which I took to heart behind the scenes and went back to fix. Done deal.

There has only been one user to make me feel bad about my writing when I shouldn’t. This is the first time in a few years that a comment stabbed me in the heart. I always base my writing on my every day life. I did not mention this on SwoonReads, so I am using that excuse to terminate the feeling, it still hurts.

 These comments are from the same user. What boggles me is the last comment. My wishful reactions will be in parentheses (I did not reply, because these comments are not there anymore). User’s name etc. is not mentioned for the sake of keeping them anonymous. Yes, even after this user tore my heart out and stamped it on the floor, I am still killing ’em with kindness.

How is she so cool with this? I’d like to know more about why she’s OK with her dad having so many wives and not just bc it’s illegal. – (First of all, she was born into the family where the marriage was already that way, so how can you expect her to think it is not “normal”? There is no law that says it is illegal, so what’s up your butt?)

Polygamy and bigamy are illegal in the US. I haven’t read further than this, but is it possible to revise so that instead of this setup she just has a mom and soon-to-be step-dad who has many kids from a previous marriage? – (Again, there is REAL law that says it is illegal. In the BC days, many people more than one wife, and it was considered a blessing because the man would have many children to carry on his name. No, it is not possible to revise because that would mean I have to go back and change EVERYTHING in the story and rewrite the entire novel!)

I love that this is how they know each other and are friends! Clever. – (I know I am clever, that’s why the novel is written the way it is.)

Dead serious. I really do feel like my heart was wrenched from my chest. The last time I actually felt like this was after reading a book. The last time someone left a negative comment like that was three years ago. The difference between now and then is that I managed to comment back and give the user a piece of my mind, without them realizing my sarcasm. (Yes, I am that good at killing with kindness.) This time around, the comments were deleted before I ever saw them. The email notifications are a digest of the last month of comments and ratings, etc.

For the second comment above, I had so much more I wanted to say, but I kept it quiet because it would have only started an even worse discussion here on my website, and I don’t want people assuming things they shouldn’t.