I constantly have new ideas. I mention this a lot. But as it happens, this is one idea I will not share with anyone. My reasoning? Let’s go a little deeper . . .

I have gone back and forth, and lately I just keep coming up short. My novels that I have been planning to get print proofs of will have to wait for some time. I just don’t have the means to get them printed right now. Until then, I continue writing.

I have a strange urge to write something involving a badass female character who knows her stuff about cars (bikes, racing, etc.), and a few hots guys who have her back if she needs them. I guess what I should say is that I’ve already started it and it might be something I will never share for specific reasons.

  1. This is something VERY DIFFERENT from what I am used to.
  2. It is something I am writing for ME.
  3. A story like this would be considered NEW ADULT (but only because there will be mentions of adult themes and the main characters are 20-25

Those are the main reasons. But another reason would be that there is this publisher I have been looking into and the book needs to fit certain standards. Which this one might. I don’t know if it would be part of any series or just a stand-alone, but I will worry about that later.